Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening
More and more people realize that beautiful white teeth are an element of culture, a symbol of health and success. It is known that the first impression when meeting is created primarily by the smiles and the colour of our teeth.

In the early twentieth century, teeth were bleached with hydrogen peroxide in high concentration, to remove stains, using a weak solution of hydrochloric acid.
The basis of the bleaching process is called oxidation. During this process, the molecules that cause staining of teeth are split.

Throughout life, your teeth are continually exposed to various colourings, which are contained in foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and cosmetics. Dyes can be deposited on the surface or penetrate into the dental hard tissues.
Often the cause of discoloration of the tooth is a trauma or endodontic treatment (root canal treatment), as well as a violation of the formation and maturation of the teeth (fluorosis, hypoplasia, tetracycline teeth). In all cases, the discoloration of the teeth whitening professional shows.
We do not recommend teeth whitening for pregnant and lactating women – as the research on this group of patients, for obvious reasons, were not conducted. In Europe and America professional whitening is allowed to be carried out with children as young as 13 years old. We conduct professional bleaching after 18 years, or earlier – in consultation with parents and in accordance with the oral health of the child.
Specialists of our clinic offer you several types of tooth whitening:1. Professional whitening (performed in the dental office)
The most popular in recent years, teeth whitening desk (including hardware) is performed in a dental chair under the direct supervision of a physician and usually lasts 25-45 minutes for 2-3 visits.

The basic principle is to use a desk methods of bleaching gel and a high concentration of catalyst that can speed up the whitening process. As such accelerators of chemical reactions can be: a special ultraviolet lamp, laser radiation, heat and specific chemical compounds
All professional practices are thorough clinical and laboratory studies, and only then are they allowed to be used in the clinic. We work with leading whitening systems companies, whose products are used across the world.
2. Home whitening (using individual trays)
Home bleaching for teeth has been used for quite a while.
In order to whiten teeth at home the patient most often uses the capacitor, which is fueled with a special whitening gel. This method of teeth whitening is most often used for yellow and brown spots on the teeth, as well as to give the natural whiteness of your teeth.Home teeth whitening is good because it does not take much time and is available anytime and anywhere. In the car, office, on vacation or at the gym – home teeth whitening is something that should be used by modern people.
In our clinic we use a system of professional whitening called Opalescense (Ultradent Company – USA), which gives you your long lost colour or will get you a new white teeth. Do not attempt to whiten your teeth yourself without consulting a doctor, because many whitening products are just a publicity stunt, and sometimes dangerous experiments. Your doctor will give you the best advice and recommend proven products for teeth whitening.
By visiting our clinic, you can:
• whiten your teeth, keeping the enamel;
• safely and comfortably buy yourself a white smile;
• a stable effect of whiteness under optimal financial investment.