Restoration of teeth

Aesthetic restoration of teeth
Tooth restoration involves complete restoration of functionality of each tooth, including their colour, position, etc. Changing of shape of the tooth, shape of the dentition, tooth color, remove gaps between the teeth are all part of recovery or restoration of teeth.

The restoration of teeth provides not only treatment of caries and non-carious lesions, but also the aesthetic and functional parameters of a natural tooth or the tooth row. Tooth restoration is not just for the front teeth, but also for the molars.What is the restoration of teeth?
The restoration of teeth can make them beautiful and healthy in a very short time. This method also allows you to save a tooth, a treatment and to prevent the removal of teeth. Restoration can restore the tooth to keep it alive, which is very important.

All the necessary procedures for a physician are done during one visit, which makes restoring your teeth a fast process. The technique allows the restorations to preserve the maximum amount of the tooth structure. Restoration of the tooth is so quick and easy that it allows you to use local anesthesia only once. Aesthetic restoration of teeth can get high quality results at once, not disturbing the other teeth, which is very important, because the teeth are quite vulnerable. Restoration of teeth with composite materials greatly reduces the risk of secondary caries.Indications for dental restoration.
The restoration of the teeth is shown in the following cases: darkening of the tooth enamel, chipping a tooth fragments, irregular shape or deformation of the teeth, tooth loss.
With the restoration of teeth, you can: restore the tooth as a result of injury or the presence of large cavities in the tooth, reshape a tooth, that is, lengthen or shorten the tooth, widen or narrow it, and so on, change the position of the tooth in the mouth, ie, too inclined to align, or protruding front teeth to change the color of the tooth, close gaps between teeth.
The restoration of teeth can correct these defects (including congenital) and make your teeth look beautiful, as well as return their functional ability, with the help of restorative materials.


In recent years in dentistry it has become popular to decorate one’s teeth with elegant, subtle (ranging in size from 1.5 to 2.5 mm.) rhinestones, jewels and gold Skies.