Oral health is the key to dental health. It includes personal and professional teeth cleaning. Removal of tartar and plaque should be carried out every 5-6 months, thus preventing the development of periodontitis. Removing the plaque is a professional oral hygiene process.
As shown by numerous studies, people do not know how to brush their teeth. Meanwhile, even with genetic susceptibility to dental caries and periodontal disease, proper oral hygiene, personal dental cleaning reduces the risk of these diseases by two.


Professional cleaning of teeth by removing plaque and smoothing the root surface prevents the formation of plaque. This, in turn, prevents the chronic inflammatory process, which inevitably leads to tooth loss or decay and its complications.
Professional teeth cleaning is recommended for the prevention of caries and periodontal disease, elimination of bad breath, bleeding gums and prevent removal of plaque color. In our clinic, the removal of stones and debris by using the ultrasonic device is absolutely safe. In the second phase we work using a technology called “Air Flow”, which is also called bleaching the surface. Then with the help of polishing, we produce pigmented plaque removal and the “flying smoker.” Polishing is performed using brushes and rubber bands, using polishing abrasive paste, and the contact surface of the tooth using special strips. During the procedure, the teeth are polished to a shine and covered with a special elixir, restoring the immunity of the teeth.
This oral hygiene and teeth is painless and does not damage tooth enamel, fillings or dentures.

By visiting our clinic, you can:
• Remove tartar
• strengthen the teeth and restore their immunity;
• reduce the risk of caries and periodontal disease by two;
• get advice about the proper way to look after your teeth;

To ensure the safety of your teeth and keep your gums healthy, you should always take care of your mouth, not just come in time for your teeth professionally cleaned at the dentist, but also brush your teeth at least twice a day, cleaning your teeth, with the obligatory use of dental floss, mouth rinse and dental elixir.

Dental floss
Our experts will remind you of the importance of dental floss and that it is the only way to effectively clean the interdental spaces where food tends to get caught. And that is where gum disease starts. Plaque is formed mainly at the junction of the teeth and gums and between teeth. Brushing only clears the outer and inner line of the gums, and dental floss removes plaque in between teeth, pulling up to the oral gingival pockets, where bacteria breed the most. Therefore, daily flossing is the first condition, which prevents the formation of tartar, which leads to tooth decay.
Dental floss is usually used only once – in the evening, before bedtime. This is the best option, as the number of bacteria in the mouth increases during sleep.


Teach a child to comply with oral hygiene should start by the age of two. Initially, this mouthwash should be used after meals and especially after sweets. Then gradually the child should be taught to brush their teeth.

It is essential that the child perceives the procedure for cleaning teeth as natural as eating. And do not forget that the child is always and everywhere imitate their parents. Become an example to him.

You need to brush your teeth properly. The upper teeth are cleaned using sweeping motion from top to bottom, and bottom to top. Be sure to clean the inner surface of the teeth. To clean the side surfaces of the teeth use special dental threads also known as dental floss. Children should use specially designed children toothpaste.
You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day – after breakfast and before bedtime, preferably after each meal.

We recommend using a toothbrush with artificial bristles and a small size (for ease of manipulation in the mouth). Before the first use of the brush there is no need to use boiled water on the brush, using warm running water is enough.
Conditioners do not replace brushing your teeth. They are absolutely contraindicated for children up to 6-7 years, because of the high fluorine content.
Remember that teeth cleaning is not all about which toothpaste you use, but also which brush you use. Toothpaste provides support, antimicrobial, deodorizing and refreshing effect. You should not use toothpaste in large quantities. Size large (for small children), pea size – is quite sufficient.The specialists of our clinic will teach you, your children and your relatives about the rules of oral care with great joy.