Our clinic is equipped with modern equipment and it is a guarantee of quality and comfort for the patient of all work performed.
Tools and materials from manufacturers USA, Germany, France, and other world leaders on the field of dental materials perfectly proven in the global market are being used on a daily basis.

Any intervention in the oral cavity and the cavity of the tooth – a double abdominal surgery requires serious preparation and equipment.
One of the major areas of dentistry is endodontics (root canal treatment). Qualitatively disinfected root canals is the key to long life of the tooth after removing it from the nerve. For this operation, carried out with high quality, you must have:

1) the presence of dental apex locator is mandatory. Only such device can determine the true length of the root canal and to choose the length to which the channel is to be prepared for sealing and seal up.
2) the need to use a rubber dam (a rubber cloth is a special way to isolate the tooth from the rest of the mouth).
3) X-ray who can give us an accurate image in order to carry out at once the work needed.

4) Root canal treatment of teeth with endomotor.
Endomotor is a device that enables the doctor to work confidently in the channels. Its application allows a much better seal in the canals of the teeth, in comparison with conventional sealing by hand. It also allows you to save a lot more time in the treatment of root canals.

Apex locator.
A quality treatment of the roots of the teeth – a pledge long and trouble-free life already had a root of the teeth, as in dentistry and it is particularly important for prosthetic to accurately determine the position of the root apex and this is what the apex locator is useful.

The accuracy of this instrument is 0.25 mm. This means that the doctor always knows for sure the size of the root canal not only by using a snapshot, but, most importantly, during the treatment. A computer image is done, but only for additional monitoring and recording quality fillings. In addition, the channels are always sealed with gutta-percha along the entire length of the root. Gutta-percha seals the dentin microtubules.
This is the guarantee of a long-term outcome, because without the gutta-percha paste, the periradicular blood flow can be smeared. This work takes place in the sterile canal of the tooth. The combination of these factors guarantees the absence of complications, both during treatment and after.

Sterilization is a process in which all of the microflora are killed at the site of sterilization. In our dental clinic, we sterilize everything that is not disposable and is sold in a sterile package (saliva ejectors, aspirator tips, aprons for patients, the protective film sensor X-ray, shoe covers, injection needles, cartridge with anesthetic, etc.). Everything else is subject to daily sterilization. These include tools, machinery parts, drills, etc. Our dental clinic provides a triple system of processing and sterilization of instruments. In the first stage all the tools are soaked in special reagents (30-60 minutes), which completely destroy all known bacteria and viruses (information for reference: the AIDS virus and hepatitis B is completely destroyed in such a solution within 15 minutes!). Then all the instruments in an ultrasonic bath processed, using powerful reagents.
And only then are the tolls fully washed and dried and then fitted into a special device – an autoclave where the pressure of 1.5-2 atm. completely sterilized by steam, heated to a temperature of 134 ° C. In an autoclave, together with the instrument, is laid an indicator of light brown colour. (the information for reference: an indicator to confirm sterility after sterilization instrument).
Change the colour of the indicator from brown to blue confirms that the sterilization cycle has been successful (in violation of the sterilization cycle indicator does not change its colour). After autoclaving, the entire instrument is stored in a special cabinet with full-time quartz lamp. Thus, the failure of one or even two systems under any circumstances cannot
be output from the non-sterile instrument sterilization machine.