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What is dental tourism?

(entertainment during the dental tourism)
Dental tourism is a combination of rest abroad and parallel dental treatment. The key feature of this combination, first of all, is cost savings. Therefore, for this kind of tourism usually choose those countries in which the cost of dental care is much lower, and the quality meets international standards.


More and more countries are becoming attractive routes for tourists not only in terms of recreation and travel, as such, but also in terms of obtaining quality treatment. In the last decade, also actively developing dental tourism, every year more and more foreign patients come here, and the fact is not only that in our country there are many unique historical monuments, natural and other attractions, but also that more and more people learn about the excellent quality of services offered, the high qualification of professionals, as well as the availability of dental services.
Many private clinics specialize in providing assistance to foreigners, the staff of such clinics is fluent in English and other popular foreign languages.
Experience in communication with tourists from other countries, as well as close partnerships with tour operators and travel agencies, allow us to offer customers a truly unique and memorable tours, organize a bright leisure, carrying out, in parallel with the tour program, high-quality treatment. Doctors of the clinic are professional, experienced and polite, the equipment is modern, meanwhile, the price of the services themselves is much lower than in most Western countries.


Features of dental treatment in the period


During the period of dental tourism, the treatment will be carried out at an accelerated pace,both in the field of treatment with a dentist,and the work of the dental technician will be accelerated,of course, the quality of the treatment will not suffer.The time that you will need to spend on dental treatment will be known after drawing up a plan for your particular clinical case.

entertainment during the dental tourism

entertainment during the dental tourism

Entertainment during the dental tourism

Moldova is a country with a rich centuries-old history and culture, which is certainly difficult to describe in a few words,if we summarize and create a brief description of our beautiful and hospitable country , which we love and are proud to live here!
Ours is a small country famous for its wine cellars,


monasteries and churches with unique architecture,


museums, farms and nature reserves…


Wine tours. Include not only wine tasting, but also usually a small tour of the reserves, archaeological sites, monasteries. After the tour, foreign tourists are encouraged to visit Cricova, Purcari, Chateau Baratelli Milestii Mici.Which are considered to be one of the biggest in the world.
Who has ever visited a small European country called Moldova, speak of it as a land where dreams come true, where fairy tales become a reality.
What is interesting for tourists in Moldova is first of all the ancient monasteries, ancient fortresses, green forests, picturesque hills, blue sky and friendly and warm sun that illuminates this camp more time of the year.
But the most important thing is the beautiful and hospitable people who live in this blessed land. In each house you are happy to meet, treat you to a delicious homemade wine and talk about their traditions and customs!

Plan your dental treatment

To start dental treatment, you must first make a plan for your dental treatment or get a virtual consultation ,which you will get for free.What you need to do:
1. it is necessary to make and send us a digital panoramic picture or computer tomography

2. if the camera is able to take pictures of the face and profile, as well as to photograph the oral cavity including the upper and lower teeth.


3. the collected data will be sent to us.


Based on the data obtained, we determine the type of treatment, its cost and length. After that, we contact you and discuss with you the plan of dental treatment.


If you are satisfied with our proposed treatment plan you come to Chisinau by any means of transport:
– by plane
– by train
– by car


We meet You, organize your accommodation in Chisinau and get to work.

Advantages of dental tourism and dental treatment in Moldova.

Recently, more and more people began to come to Moldova for dental treatment and prosthetics. Dental tours are organized in many European countries, such as Romania,Hungary , Poland,Estonia,Lithuania,Latvia and Bulgaria, as here the prices for dental services are lower (so far lower) compared to other more developed countries of the European Union.What is dental tourism ???This is a combination of pleasant and useful-you can combine rest with care about the health of your teeth.In Europe and America dentist.


Advantages of travel to the Republic of Moldova in combination with dental tourism

Dental tourism is very profitable not only financially. In fact, it has a few advantages that you should know before going to a local clinic. In addition to material benefits, patients receive quality medical services, moral satisfaction and expand horizons. Psychologists argue that dental travel reduces patients ‘ fear of dentists and dental procedures.

Here is a short list of the positive aspects of dental tourism:

– a wide range of dental and travel services;
– book a dental tour that suits you;
– the ability to accurately plan your trip and choose what you are interested in;
– free consultation;
– assistance in preparation of documents for entry and exit from the country;
– meeting at the airport and follow-up;
– you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the waiting queue;
– high quality services;
– significant savings – up to 60%;
– new impression;
– individual approach;
– legal support.

Dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova

Thanks to online resources, it is no secret that the prices for dental services in the Republic of Moldova are lower than in Europe, the USA or Russia. After reviews of dental tourism Moldova is popular with patients in Europe, Israel, USA and Russia. Customers from abroad are referred for a comprehensive treatment, preventive procedures.

Aesthetic dentistry is also in great demand.

Why dental tourism in Imperial Dent?

MoldDent is equipped with all medical facilities, modern equipment and can be proud of highly qualified specialists, and the price of dental treatment is several times lower than in Europe or the United States, even if the cost of travel and accommodation is included in the budget. This difference is due to the economic gap between States and does not affect the outcome of treatment.


MoldDent clinic is focused on consulting foreign patients, there are no language barriers. If necessary, communication is carried out in English or with the help of an interpreter. Residents of former CIS countries can easily communicate in Russian.


As for the entry into the territory of the Republic of Moldova, there is no need to make a visa to the CIS countries, EU, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and a number of other States.


Chisinau is characterized by very convenient transport links-airport, railway station, you can get on the bus or by car. If necessary, the patient can be met at the station or at the airport, after which he will be escorted to the place of residence – hotel or apartment.


At will, for everyone the individual tourist program is chosen. This allows you to get not only high – quality dental care, but also a visit to the main tourist attractions of the city-one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

You have chosen a dental tour in Moldova! Why choose MoldDent?

Dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova is a rather young phenomenon that comes from the West, where people are literally obsessed with the health and beauty of their teeth. However, the prices for dental services in these countries are very high, so the Americans were looking for an alternative. Residents of large cities began to give preference not to local dentists, and immigrants from Mexico and Costa Rica.


Dental tourism in Europe is known as”dental vacation”. Being in search of a way to save money on dentistry, future patients travel to different cities and countries in search of a beautiful smile and new experiences. These visits became particularly relevant when the financial crisis began. The cost of medicines, materials and equipment is roughly the same in all countries. But the average standard of living, wages, taxes, utilities and other indicators vary significantly. Because of this difference, patients not only save on medical services, but also learn the culture of other countries.


If you live abroad and decide to become a dental tourist then you are probably afraid of the unknown. Dental tourism has a number of advantages, but how do you get them? Imperial Dent specialists are ready to answer this question and many others.


With our help you will save time, money and nerves. We will listen carefully to all your wishes, advise you on dental problems and develop a dental treatment plan that is ideal for your individual characteristics.


MoldDent guarantees the accuracy and objectivity of the information provided and takes care of the health of each client.


MoldDent is the perfect destination for you to get professional dental services at a reasonable price.