Dental Tourism

What is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism – a combination of rest abroad, and parallel dental treatment. A key feature of this combination, first and foremost, is to save money. Therefore, for the tourism of this kind are usually chosen by those countries in which the cost of dental care is much lower and the quality of international standards.

More and more countries are becoming attractive routes for tourists not only in terms of leisure and travel, as such, but also in terms of producing high-quality treatment. In the last decade is also actively developing dental tourism, every year it attracts more foreign patients, and it’s not just the fact that our country has many unique historical sites, natural and other attractions, but also in the fact that more and more people will learn about the excellent quality of services offered to highly qualified professionals, as well as the availability of dental services.
Many private clinics specialize in helping foreigners who staff these clinics is fluent in English and other popular foreign languages.
Experience in dealing with tourists from other countries, as well as strong partnerships with tour operators and travel agencies, allow us to offer customers a truly unique and memorable tours, organized a vivid recreation, exercise, along with the tour programs, high-quality treatment. Doctors Clinics are professional, experienced and polite, the equipment is modern, in the meantime, the price of the services as significantly lower than in most Western countries.
Features of dental treatment in the period

Dental tourism your treatment will beconductedat an accelerated pace, as in the treatment ofa doctordentistordental technicianaccelerated work. It does not hurtthe qualityof the treatmentof the teeth .The period of timeneeded in order to complete your dental treatment will be known exactlywhena plan foryour specificclinical case is set.
Recreation and entertainment during the dental tourism

Moldova is a country with a rich ethnic history and culture, which of course is hard to describe in a nutshell, but we would like to give you a brief description of our beautiful and hospitable country that we love and which we are proud to live in!
Even though our country is small, it is famous for its wine cellars
Its churches and monasteries with their unique architecture,museums, farms and nature reserves


Wine Tours include not only the wine tasting, but as a rule, a small tour of Moldova’s natural reserves, archaeological sites, monasteries. After the tour, foreign tourists are invited to visit the cellars of Purcari, Chateau Varetel or Cricova (which is consideredas one of the biggest in the world.)
People who have ever visited our small European country called Moldova, speak of it as a province, where dreams come true, where fairy tales come true.
Moldova is primarily famous for its ancient monasteries, ancient fortresses, verdant forests, scenic hills, blue skies and friendly and warm sun that illuminates all our seasons.
But most importantly it is a wonderful and hospitable people who live on this land that make Moldova what it is. In each house, people will be glad to meet you, treat you with delicious home-made wine and talk about their traditions and customs!

Plan your dental treatment

To begin yourdental treatment, you must first planyourdental treatmentor geta virtualconsultation whichyou will receiveabsolutely free.What youneed to do is:
1. To make andsend usa digitalpanoramic imageor acomputed tomography


2. If possible, usinga camera– takepicturesfrom the frontfaceand profile, as well as the oral cavityincluding theupper and lower teeth.
3. these data areto be sent to us in an e-mail.

Based on these data,we determine thetype of treatment, its cost and length. We will thencontact youand discussyourplanwith thedental treatment.

If you aresatisfied withour proposedtreatment planyou can then cometo Chisinau using any means of transport available:
– By airplane
– By train
– By car
We will then meet you, arrangeyouraccommodation andstart working.

The benefits of dental tourism and dental treatment in Moldova.

Recently, more and more people have started to come to Moldova for treatment and prosthetics. Dental tours are organized in many European countries such as Romania, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria, because there the price of dental services are lower (a lot lower) than those in other more developed countries of the European Union. What is Dental Tourism? This is the combination of business with pleasure – you can combine holidays with care for the health of their teeth. In Europe and America, dental tourism has been known for more than 10 years. Companies provide services for such tourism, developing a whole hiking trail, a potentially attractive idea for travelers and that way, the patient does not ever get bored at the time of dental tourism. To date, dental tourism is the combination of many services offered that are aimed at getting the most out of dental tourism. And every year, more and more people prefer dental tours to Moldova, why is that?1. Dental tourism can save huge amounts of money spent by people on the dental treatment. The difference in the cost of dental treatment and prosthetics in Moldova and in your country, can sometimes reach thousands of euros, even taking into account the cost of travel and leisure.

2. The average duration of dental treatment is reduced, as we try to arrange for you the best possible treatment in the shortest possible time, of course, without loss of quality of treatment provided.

3. Free treatment plan and all costs associated with the visit to Moldova.

4. Dental tourism is possible to combine “business with pleasure.” One of the important components of dental tour is the vacation element, which includes frequent changes between dental treatment and excursions, shopping, and just relaxing at the request of the patient.

5. Visa-free regime
You do not need a visa to visit Moldova!

6. Dental tourism can, if possible, be the opportunity to visit relatives, classmates, friends, living in Moldova, or acquire new acquaintances, and friends!

Do you need dental tourism?

Before you choose to opt for dental tourism, you need to pay attention to time and the number of visits required for a specific dental treatment, because sometimes the costs may exceed the potential savings, and in this case, dental tourism becomes meaningless. Therefore, in the beginning you should make a plan of your treatment, and get the estimated total cost of the trip.Accommodation and housing

MoldDent offers the following types of accommodation in the Republic of Moldova:1. Hotels by clicking on the following link – – You are able to select and book a best fit of housing
2. apartments, an advantage of course depends on the number of living people in it, which in its price can range from 25 to 100euro per night
3. housing and accommodation in national style, such as minihotels –, , cost of living varies depending on the comfort, location and services provided