Pain relief (carpool technology).

Many patients do not come to the dentist because of fear of pain, which sometimes goes back to a bad experience during their childhood. Indeed, even 10-15 years ago, dentists used conventional medical syringes and weak painkillers, but today the anesthetics used in dentistry are efficient and the carpool technology (carpool syringe with the piston, which contains a ready solution of certain anesthetic concentration) in which there is a complete blockade of pain has become very popular. The doctors have the opportunity to spend quality treatment with their patient.
Also, there is a special type of anesthesia which can be chosen for pregnant women, children, people who suffer from allergies, diabetes, etc.



Tools for carpool anesthesia

Features and Benefits of the carpool technology for patients:
• The design of individual disposable systems are used for each patient. (Such as disposable needles and disposable doses with anesthetic)