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Our Dental Clinic WHITEMED is pleased to welcome you to our website!

Nowadays, modern dentistry is a painless and high quality process, and dental treatment has even become enjoyable and fun.Following the principles of maximum convenience for the patient as our main goal, we set, with the agreement of the patient, a payment plan for dental treatment (taking into account the technology used as well as the amount of time your dentist and the dental team spend with you on your dental treatment). All through the period of dental treatment we keep our patient informed of the details of the treatment.

Our teeth need special care. Every day, morning and evening, we resort to using a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss. However, it is not enough!

Even if you are not worried about a toothache and you think that dental care is not needed, we recommend you visit your dentist twice a year. Only a dentist can spot and stop the development of tooth decay, which is at an early stage of its development can be treated quickly and painlessly. Dental treatment in this case is not burdensome to you. However, if left untreated, tooth decay may turn into pulpitis – the inflammation of the dental nerve, leaving you with a sharp throbbing pain. Treatment in this case is more complicated and expensive.
It is also important to remove tartar, also known as dental plaque, from time to time as it will prevent gum disease from happening.

It is appropriate to note the statement of scientists: “Prevention is more effective than treatment of already existing diseases.”
Our dental clinic WHITEMED offers dental restoration, characterized by high durability and aesthetics. In the course of dental treatment, the doctor will choose the color of the material which is as discreet as possible, and you will even forget that your tooth once caused you pain. Cosmetic Dentistry at the dental clinic WHITEMED is what you need!

Do you want a beautiful smile? Orthodontics or bite correction can help you! The experienced doctors in our clinic will introduce you to methods of treatment of malocclusion, will talk to you about the timing of active treatment of your teeth and how to look after your teeth once they have been treated. Braces which are used to straighten and aligned your teeth is the latest advances in modern dentistry. They are esthetically pleasing and very effective. In our clinic, we can offer you bite correction using the Invisalign technique.

Many dental clinics offer services in prosthetics. Our specialists at the dental clinic WHITEMED are constantly being trained and improve their knowledge of the newest and most advanced achievements in modern dentistry, and have a great understanding of prosthetic dentistry.
Our clinic is different from all the others due to the fact that our patients receive complex dental services, as well as getting an unforgettable sense of warmth and a good sense of humour!
On our site you can find out what dental implants, dentures, aesthetics dentistry and advanced restoration are as well as how to recognize gum disease.

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A dazzling smile and a good mood. We have the strength to provide you with both!

about WhiteMed dental clinic

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about the WhiteMed Dental Clinic