The Circle 2017 Movie Online English

The Circle 2017

The Circle 2017 Movie Online English

When he rises through the ranks of technology and media, social largest global companies, Krug of peace, May called founders Imone Beyli live your life transparent full.But there is more security when people are looking.

Women lands dream job at strong circle kompaniyahnazyvaetsya technology, only to discover the crime, which will affect the lives of their friends,Family and humans. When May was hired to work for the largest and most powerful in the world of technology and medijakompanija society, he saw it as an opportunity of his life was.
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When he rises through life, she inspired the founding companies, Eamon parents involved in the experiments earthquake that pushes the limits of confidentiality, ethics, and the end of freedom her.Her participation in the trial, and the decision is the right one, it will begin to affect the life and future of her friends, family ichelovechestvu.

May Netherlands (Emma Watson) catches the opportunity of a lifetime when she won the job with svetskimnajmoćniji and technology companies in social media.Supported by established companies (Tom Hanks) may attend the trial revolution that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and freedom of the individual.
Her participation in the trial,And decided to say soon begin to affect the life and future of her friends, family and humanity.

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