Paint the Town Red Preview Beta download

Paint the Town Red Preview Beta

Paint the Town Red Preview Beta download


Paint the Town Red Preview Beta

Paint the city red takes place in several places in historical times and action game is a battle. Its task is to make it as easy as hitting, knock, knock, stitch, and slice and shoot anything that moves on the red stage color. Paint the city red steam early access request.

What do you paint the city red?

Paint the city red users describe as 3D hotline Miami, even brutally, and also with the aesthetics of Minecraft. A reflection of being, and start againBaterant levels of this game are too important.

On all levels the same: a seemingly normal environment, such as a bar or a retro dance club. Everything is normal until someone decides to harm (crash someone, for example). After that, everyone will beat everyone, and you will go behind in the end. This will make your life come alive!

Once you start you must act quickly violence. When you leave, morto.Se you do not use the objects in the area you are, you are dead. If you do notTo the situation improvised or adapt, is dead.

Here paint the city has red only two levels. There is still missing weapons, modes, if you wait for the whole game, I recommend waiting for his release.

You will not leave your graphics indifferent. On the one hand, his style will remind you to respect the Minecraft. But on the other hand, there is no blood, beheaded heads and is Nonstopviolencia. It is strange that in theory, monkeys should strike signs.


For now, paint the city of Red a game promising. The end result will be several levels will depend on whether it will be enough to rest, so this premise is not seen as an anecdote. This game will keep you entertained for a while, and then the danger is boring.

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