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FIFA 15 free download



Realism at its best

Electronic Arts FIFA 15 has moved to the limit to bring it closer to reality. To achieve this goal, EA has added many improvements that affect the gameplay.

The new engine allows players to emotionsrealistischer to respond to performances on the field, whether they are successfulIn an excellent PACE or account.
With over 600 animations that range from emotions that you can see during live games, including anger or protest, FIFA 15Hochet you believe Datu in a real game.

AI also improved due to the fact that the teammates of the processor respond better toGame situations, as opponents react tactically on the field.

FIFA 15 includes tools for training and the ability to change tactics, while the strategy has been simplified to use them easily. A new feature is an opportunity for individual tactics to giveEach player on the field. Example: determination of the freedom of the midfielder on the field duringsdachiDavlenie dragendebal opponent.

During the games, there are two new balance modes: one for the sprint, and the other for a pure offensive strategy (best used if you lose). These functions can beUsed during the game and add to the existing five: ultra-protection, protection, balance, disrupted and ultra-crime.

Ultimate Team offers new interesting features. You can make this concept of the team, the players on the credit card play in the “Friendly Season” mode and competeWith sVashi Ultimate Team’s friends in 1×1 matches.

Cnieuwe Live Day Live Center, you can keep up to date with the results of your team.

In general, FIFA is the 15th place where you can play and follow the virtual and real football of becoming accordingly.

Improved gameplay

The ball bijdribbelen is more accurate, and nowYou have better control of the trajectory of the ball.

With the improvement of physics, myachomKontrol looks smoother and more realistic.

One-on-one During the defense more intense, more strategy is required to steal the ball. If you won, you can try to block the start, but errorsCan add quickly.

We also have a new AI goalkeeper, so they can react more realistically to shots on goal. This, combined with additional animation, allows you to view shots on goal even more exciting.

Finally, there is some good newsThe last one who likes to play in single player mode, the game will be your ability to play against AI and calibrate the difficulty level, based on the test uwvaardigheid. However, the difficulty is always changing the settings.

Enjoy the visual

A new graphics engine will add a much needed updateVisual effects FIFA 14.

The field is naked gradation as a continuation of the game, and the player models are equipped with herbs and mud stains as we approach in the last minute.

Viewers are more active by adding the required layer realism. There are also new sound effects, and to strikeBall over the field.

FIFA15 now shows ads on the sidelines, as well as the operator and the ball boy. The game image to set excellent penalties and repetitions, in the end, corresponds to the quality that you see when viewing a real match. FIFA 12.6432

Ennabijheid excitement excellence

FIFA 15 demonstriruetVseThe most innovative improvements in the FIFA series.

The new physics of the ball is one of the best features of FIFA 15, adding a new level of complexity to the strategy of the game.
A new engine that feeds on graphics and animation is impressive and adds more realism to the game.

The stadiums are reproduced,Finally, with attention to detail, we have never seen a football match. On the field, surprising the response compared to etimFIFA 14. Feeling the ability to do what you really want is unrivaled.

Improvements to the Ultimate Team provide a greater depth of this game mode, and you can evenControl Ultimate Team on your mobile device using EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion official application, available for Android and iPhone.

Ultimately, FIFA 15 is the best football we’ve seen. A big leap in comparison with the previous version is wonderful, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Of course, thisShould be for every football fan.

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