Adobe Acrobat XI Professional 11 free download

Adobe Acrobat XI Professional 11

Adobe Acrobat XI Professional 11 free download


Adobe Acrobat XI Professional 11

About this issue

Release date: October 11, 2016

OS: Windows 7, 8 and 10 (x86 / x64)

Usage: Detailed instructions for the file

Changes in the version

– Added support for Windows 10 RS1

– Bugfix: Javascript Engine (creating modal dialog using function () only works on one file whenSeveral copies of these open files).

– Integration Services: The failure of the reader to establish a connection with Adobe to send during the stay in the check.

– Send by e-mail: Send file as attachment does not work.

– Cooperation: Trackerakno DO NOT download Acrobat / Reader.

About AcrobatXI Professional

AdobeAcrobat XI Pro is still the most powerful, comprehensive and fully functional PDF editor available on the market. Developed by the creators of PDF Standard, it offers you the ability to create PDF files from scratch, converting and PDF to other well-known documentspamantayanat editing contentExisting PDF file.

Acrobat Pro is still the preferred creation of PDF and editing software prafesiyanalav.Nyagledyachy tool among the growing number of competitors to fill the market every year, none of the alternative kasangkapannabigo does not approachThe complexity of acrobats, It’s true that some of the PDF editor has decided on some of the few flaws in Acrobat with an elegant and efficient solution, but in the end, none of them can compete with an endless list of features and functionality.

SirkeroGinawa big leapIn the previous version, especially in the field of design. Interface scheme and menu vamznoyduts the new version will not be surprised if you happen to be a user of Acrobat X. However, this time Adobe has placed emphasis on functionality. Editing is now more convenient, thanks to a new interface,Point and click, which allows you to add, delete and modify text as easily as in most text editors. PDF files can now be converted into a PowerPoint presentation simultaneously, without the need to delete pages as images, as was done previously. The formHas undergone significant improvements to getagaversiya FormsCentral installed on your system, which will create new ways to watch from the ground and collect responses from web forms. Last but not the least, you can also combine different dokumentosa different formats into a single PDF file.

In additionTo this new functionality, Acrobat XI Pro comes with a long list of improvements to existing features. The conversion mechanism that converts HTML and office files to PDF documents is greatly improved, along with the conversion of PDFdlyasalita (like DOC and DOCX). Including a PDF fileIs available in PDF format (read by people with impaired eyesight) is now much better, especially when it comes to determining the order of reading a document.

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